Hope in Deerfield, WI – 2023

Enhancement (Unsubsidized): St. John in the Town of Lake Mills started a second site called Hope in Deerfield in fall 2021 with support from other local congregations. Members worship weekly at a funeral home in town and are committed to reaching out with the gospel to their community members. Unsubsidized mission status gives Hope in Deerfield access to grants from WELS Home Missions and Church Extension Fund (CEF) as well as support from the district mission board and mission counselor.

Fast Facts:

  • Deerfield serves as a bedroom community for people who work in Madison, Wis. With its small-town feel and more affordable housing options, Deerfield is growing.
  • The community members in Deerfield are 58 percent unchurched.
  • Hope in Deerfield has hosted a multitude of outreach activities throughout the years, including Praise and Proclaim training and grocery canvassing, trunk or treat, community picnics, etc.

Rev. Kevin Hundley, St. John, Town of Lake Mills, and Hope in Deerfield, Wis.
[email protected]