St. Marcus, Milwaukee, WI

Enhancement: St. Marcus Lutheran Church is looking for support to fund a “campus shepherd” at its third school campus, which serves 300 children, most of whom are unchurched. This person would be connecting with the parents of school children, overseeing the spiritual instruction of the kids on that campus, organizing baptism efforts, leading chapels, and supporting staff. This position will also be responsible for coordinating evangelism efforts across the three campuses.

Fast Facts:

  • During the last school year (2022–2023), St. Marcus baptized more than 50 school students.
  • The third campus currently enrolls 300 students. When the campus reaches maximum capacity (which they expect soon), enrollment will stand at 600.
  • Out of the nearly 1,200 students across all three campuses, only 350 report having a church home.


Triune God, you have blessed St. Marcus Lutheran Church and School with nearly 1,200 students within their three campuses. Less than 30% of their students report having a church home. We thank you for the approval of St. Marcus as a mission enhancement so they may call a lay leader to serve as the school chaplain for their third campus. Bless his work of connecting the students within all the campuses to Word and Sacraments within St. Marcus Lutheran Church. Bless the work of all the pastors, teachers, and staff at St. Marcus so that your kingdom may continue to grow through their Means of Grace ministries. Amen.


Rev. James Hein, St. Marcus Lutheran Church
[email protected]
414-562-3369, Ext 1610