Cedar Lake, Indiana

New Start: Members from Trinity and Zion in Crete, Ill., have formed a core group to plant a new mission in nearby Cedar Lake. This area of northwest Indiana is growing rapidly as Chicago commuters look for cheaper alternatives to living in Illinois.

Fast Facts:

  • The population of Cedar Lake saw a 58.3 percent increase since 2000.
  • A new train line is expected to be up and running in nearby Dyer, Ind., by 2025, which will make the commute to Chicago even more accessible and the area more desirable to live in.
  • Nine individuals currently make up the core group; an additional 17 families have expressed interest in learning about and being a part of a new mission start.
  • The core group has partnered with local non-profits to deliver holiday meals to those in need in the community.


Lord of the Church, we thank you for the efforts of the core group in Cedar Lake, Ind. We also thank you for the blessing of granting a new start mission in this growing town in western Indiana. Though there is no church building or worship services yet, bless the core group of members in their study of your Word and in the work of their hands with this brand-new mission. We ask you to bless them with a pastor to serve them with the Means of Grace and serve the community with the knowledge of your Son as their Savior. Amen.


Rev. Kendall Cook, Trinity Lutheran Church
[email protected]