Good Shepherd, Plymouth, WI

Enhancement: Plymouth is a stable town in northern Wisconsin with 9,000 residents. Good Shepherd Lutheran Church will receive short-term support to kickstart outreach efforts once again to take advantage of the gospel outreach opportunities the Lord is providing.

Fast Facts:

  • Plymouth is home to a few large, family-owned companies in the area: Sargento, Sartori, Masters Gallery Foods, and Johnsonville.
  • The current facility offers many opportunities to host outreach activities for the community, including things like a weekly square-dance group and blood drives.


Good Shepherd of the sheep, sometimes you allow challenging times to come so that we will seek your protection and guidance all the more. As you have brought the people of Good Shepherd in Plymouth Wis., through some challenging years, we rejoice that they will receive short-term support from Home Missions to kickstart outreach efforts once again. We now ask you to bless them with a mission-minded shepherd who will work beside them as they seek the lost sheep of their community. Amen.


Rev. James Borgwardt, District Mission Board member
[email protected]